Sunday, November 20, 2011

Dining Room Items that Inspire Me

Ok ok so I know this blog is supposed to be about beauty products and finding a job in the beauty industry but lately I have been obsessing over my hypothetical kitchen. Being vegan I cook the majority of my own meals so having things in the kitchen that inspire me to try out new dishes is important to me. My current dorm kitchen is cramped to say the least and I swear I have lost half of the dishes I purchased sophomore year at Target so today I went out to buy some plates (and bowls and mugs) that will stay with me when I move into my new apartment next year... wherever that may be...
These plates are so pretty with their icy peacock blue finish and feather details around the edge. They were definitely a splurge but if you want to check them out you can HERE. They were designed by Rachel Bilson for Macy's and she has a few other patterns but none as clean and modern as this. 

While thinking about my future dining room I came across this photo posted by Kandee Johnson. 
This is the fashion designer Betsy Johnson's dining room. I think it is so girly, glamourous and fresh! I would love to have a decorator come in a help me recreate this look. Don't you think my knew plates would look perfect on this table?

Since coming to DC the cherry blossoms have come to be my favorite part of the spring. I saw this light fixture and fell in love. 
It even has little lights in the flower blossoms. Unfortunately, it is way out of my price range! I do love the whimsy of it though and when I am able to afford it and if it is still available, I am ordering it for myself. 

I hope you were inspired by something today whether it was a kitchen item or something totally different. Have a wonderful week! 


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