Friday, August 19, 2011

Back to College (for the Last Time!)

So I made it back on campus to start my senior year.


So what have I been up to since my last post?

I have spent a ton of time moving into the dorm and getting the ground work in place for this year's American Marketing Association calendar. We met with the freshman and it was so exciting to see how enthusiastic they were about coming to Howard to see them pick my brain about working in the beauty industry. Its crazy how it is coming more and more full circle.

Right now my next move is to finally get all of my stuff from storage (including all of my makeup!) and then to apply for jobs like crazy! This morning I applied for a part time position at Macy's in cosmetics. Now I've gotten rejected from them once before but I'm hoping my experience at L'Oreal will help and also my increased availability. Who knows... Nordstrums might also be the move but it is is farther away so the commute would be annoying.

What sounds so silly but I can not wait for is it have all of my kitchen stuff back! I can not wait to chop my own veggies and grill some tofu scramble!

I miss New York already though. I won't hear back about a full time offer until September but if it is not in the cards for me (as the fortune teller said it wasn't) then I'll move another company that is the right fit. either way... I'll make it in the industry!

From my very disorganized room,
XOXO Kelsey

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