Saturday, January 1, 2011

New Years Resolution

Yay 2011! 2010 was great but I'm very happy and looking forward to whats to come this year. I only have 2 resolutions this year and hopefully they are something you can put on your list as well.

  1. Wash my face every night. My skin has been a mess lately and I'm sure the fact that half the time (Ok I'll be honest, more like 75% these days) I fall asleep with my makeup on. This year I am going to make a point to always wash my face. In fact, Let me do that as soon as I publish this post!
  2. Read the labels on food better. Especially at restaurants I have been making generalizations about foods I assume are vegan. That is going to change this year. From now on I will be sure to ask the wait staff and read every label to ensure I am continuing to live a vegan lifestyle. 
I wish everyone a happy new year and perfect skin!

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