Friday, January 14, 2011

Airbrushing Gone Wrong!

Over winter break I received my airbrush system and have been in love with it since. I use it most days on myself and have mastered the art of natural blush and full, even coverage on myself, my sister and my mother.

Now that I am back at school I have been using it on most of my friends. I discovered that I am not very good at guessing what color people are. I purchased several different shades of deep completion dinair makeup with the intention of using it on a few specific friends but my guesses were all wrong. I consistently guessed too dark for which foundation they should be. Then come to find out... I can't really even tell until they look in the mirror that I so drastically changed their entire skin color! I need help on this one. I think I am going to sign up for this airbrush seminar a makeup artist friend of mine suggested. There won't be any jobs if I keep messing up my colors.

Moral of this post... practice on anyone that will let you because you don't want to toot your horn too soon.

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