Thursday, February 11, 2010

True Blue Disappearing Act Review

I was recently back in my home state Wisconsin and due to the crazy amount of snow DC had, I couldn't get back to campus. After many hours on hold with an emergency travel agent hotline I admitted defeat and realized no plane was going to be flying into Washington that night. To boost my spirits me and my mother headed over the the Bath and Body Works outlet! YAY!

I picked up a whole bunch of goodies and one of them was the "True Blue SPA: disappearing act instant cuticle remover." The instructions claim

...Make dry, ragged cuticles disappear- in just seconds. 
Dab product onto cuticles and wait about 20 seconds for cuticles to soften. 
Then gently push them back with the slanted applicator tup or a manicure stick and rinse well with soap and water for neat cuticles and a manicure so perfect you'll swear it's magic...

So I did... here are the results

I admit, not bad but it was not as magical as it sounded on the label. 

After I pushed the cuticle back I used a cuticle clipper to get rid of the dead skin. But I will say that it did soften up my cuticles and I was able to trim all of the dry gunk off! 

Pros: Cap doubles as a tool, mixture is clear, packaging is easy to hold. softens up cuticles as claims, works quickly, easy clean up, easy application 

Cons: Need to use a trimmer after applying product.

Price: The original price of the product is $8 but at the outlet store it only cost $2 (another yay!) 

Overall I would say that it is a good product but I don't do my nails enough at home to spend full price on it again. If you have $8 burning a whole in your pocket I say give it a go. 

Oh, side note, I just checked online to see if it was available at and it is not. You will have to find it in the store. 

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