Tuesday, April 17, 2012

What's that Glow?! Pearl Glow Primer of Course!

A few weeks ago I remembered I had a travel sized Tarina Tarantino primer stashed away somewhere and I wanted to bring it back out and see what it was all about. It came with a holiday set I use as a jewelry box. The first day I wore it I received loads of complements noting how I looked radiant, not a word I usually hear. This new found radiance is addictive! If I can find a little product that can land those types of complements, its worth blogging about!

My Pearl Glow Primer is a trial sized (0.33 oz) like I said but the full sized is 1 oz. and retails for $32. you can find it here at sephora.

I like to apply 1 1/2 pumps all over my face after my moisturizer and before my foundation. I have heard other people like to mix it with their foundation but I much prefer them separate. The funniest thing about the primer is that is smells exactly like boiled peanuts. I do not see any allergen warnings that it actually contains peanuts (an odd ingredient to put in makeup to begin with) but it definitely has that smell. The good news is that it does not make your face smell like the floor of the bleachers at a baseball game.

If your looking for something to add in your routine that will give you that coveted youthful glow, give Tarina Tarantino's Pearl Glow Primer a shot.

Off to finish writing a paper for business policy. Can you believe it? This is my last paper of college. This year has gone by so fast. 


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